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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to maximize the use of telecom infrastructure to drive the business forward and keep all stakeholders happy. 

Tech Stack Advising has successfully helped organizations of all sizes and industries modernize their contact center and telecom infrastructure. 

Our secret sauce goes beyond pushing buttons and turning knobs; we make it our mission to learn our clients’ KPI’s and build technology strategies to meet and exceed KPI’s without sacrificing quality. 

Core Values and Business Philosophy

Trust, Integrity, and Customer Success.
– We do the right thing, always. 
– We are transparent with our customers and partners.
– We deliver so much value, our customers can’t help but talk about it. 
– We only take on projects where we believe our customers will be immensely successful.
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Tech Stack Advising
Founder & CEO

Most of my career has been spent in contact centers improving People, Process, and Technology for Customer Service/Support and Sales teams.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the nation’s leading Customer Experience Experts and with brands like Salesforce, Under Armour, AstraZeneca, Marriott Vacations, Fannie Mae, and Deloitte. The culmination of everything I learned has been transferred to our clients here at Tech Stack Advising.

I look forward to partnering with you in your telecom and contact center journey.

– Adam Saad
Contact Center Consulting

We Only Partner
With The Best

We believe that our clients deserve nothing but the highest level of expertise, experience, and innovation when it comes to customer experience solutions. That’s why we carefully select our partners based on their reputation, track record of success, and commitment to excellence

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“We couldn’t have done this evaluation this thoroughly or quickly without Tech Stack’s help”

Telrite Holdings