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Contact Center Upgrade: Case Study

Telrite is a holding company supporting six low-cost no-contract wireless brands, like PureTalk and H2O Wireless. A core tenet of Telrite’s brands is delivering outstanding customer service and support. And that effort is led by Senior Director of Operations, Michael Spalding and Courtney Williams, Call Center Director

To deliver excellent customer service and support experience, Courtney and Michael has focused heavily on improving people and processes in the contact center. In the last year, their efforts have resulted in a 11% increase in CSAT and 15% increase in FCR over six months.

But they hit a wall.

Michael and Courtney both realized that their existing phone system was holding them back from realizing much-needed efficiencies. And inefficiency was forcing rapid hiring of FTE.

With 500+ customer service representatives, the existing phone system  was not providing the data they needed to make the right decisions.

That’s when Michael and Courtney turned to Tech Stack Advising’s contact center consulting for help.

First, Tech Stack Advising thoroughly understood Telrite’s business and technical needs and narrowed down the list of leading vendors in the CCaaS market. 

Working with Tech Stack; the Telrite team focused on operating the contact centers while Tech Stack did the blocking and tackling with the vendors – ultimately empowering the Telrite team to select the best vendor for their needs.

Thanks to the partnership with Tech Stack Advising, Telrite was able to negotiate the best possible price and commercial terms for their chosen solution. 

With the successful implementation of this modernization project; Telrite is poised to see a Return on Investment of over 200%+, a decrease in human capital cost, and improved CX scores across leading metrics.

“We couldn’t have done this evaluation this thoroughly or quickly without Tech Stack’s help”

Courtney Williams

Call Center Director