Contact Center Modernization: Customer Success Story

Telrite is a holding company supporting six low-cost no-contract wireless brands across the United States that is committed to delivering outstanding service and support to its large customer base. 

To deliver excellent customer service and support experience, Telrite has to keep a close eye on people, processes, and technology in the contact center. In the last year, Telrite’s Director of Operations, Michael Spalding, has significantly improved processes that have resulted in a 11% increase in CSAT and 15% increase in FCR over six months and put the exemplary leadership in place to manage service expectations of a large and diverse customer base.

The Telrite team realized that antiquated technology was holding them back from realizing much-needed efficiencies to deliver customer service. Today, Telrite has about 500 customer service agents. Michael realized that he could not monitor his SLAs and real-time occupancy to make the best staffing decisions related to human capital allocation and expense in the contact center.

So Michael and his innovative executive leadership team decided it was time to explore a modernization project for contact center technology. Still, Michael and his team needed more time to evaluate all the CCaaS vendors in the market effectively. And with so many CCaaS vendors in the market, considering each option was difficult.

That’s when Telrite turned to Tech Stack Advising’s contact center consulting for help. First, Tech Stack Advising thoroughly understood Telrite’s business and technical needs and narrowed down the list of leading vendors in the CCaaS market. Then, together, Telrite and Tech Stack Advising thoroughly evaluated each option and uncovered all hidden vendor limitations, ultimately selecting the best vendor for their needs.

Thanks to the partnership with Tech Stack Advising, Telrite was able to negotiate the best possible price and commercial terms for their chosen solution. With the successful implementation of this modernization project; Telrite is poised to see a significant Return on Investment of over 200%+, a decrease in human capital cost, and improved CX scores across leading metrics. 

As Michael states, “We couldn’t have done this evaluation this thoroughly or quickly without Tech Stack’s help.” Telrite’s journey to modernizing its contact center is a testament to the power of partnership and its positive impact on a business.

“We couldn’t have done this evaluation this thoroughly or quickly without Tech Stack’s help”

Michael Spalding

Director of Operations

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