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Get access to a team of Certified Five9 experts to extend the capabilities of your team and maximize your Five9 investment.

Five9 Platform Optimization

Get more from your Five9 investment by tailoring Five9's configuration to you.

Strategic Guidance

Gain cost-saving efficiencies from over a decade of intimate Five9 Product experience.

Custom Development

Align Five9 with your unique use-cases to surpass your business objectives.

Ongoing Maintenance

Get day-to-day, hands-on, support that keeps your Five9 platform healthy and operating at its best.


Empower users with your documented best practices ensuring your team adopts Five9 to the fullest.

Project Management

Ensure your Five9 projects are successful, on time, and within budget.

Five9 Health Check

Your Prescription to Fully Adopt Five9

Talk to a Five9 Engineer

Get Access to the Best Certified Five9 Resources

Seamless support and strategic guidance to get unprecedented ROI from your Five9 investment.

Seamless Support

Consistent and responsive service with no disruptions or having to manage your own internal FTE.

Strategic Guidance

Work with Five9 Experts who understand your business objectives and know which Five9 features to enable to crush your KPI's

Maximize ROI

Five9 is expensive - our strategic guidance focused on driving outcomes that positively impact your crucial P/L metrics.

Why work with Tech Stack Advising?

Our team members are former Five9 Employees, former Five9 Customers, and current Five9 Optimizers. 

When you work with us, Five9 listens. 

Focus on your Business, not your Five9 Configuration

Talk to us about your KPI’s and Business Drivers – we will configure Five9 to meet and exceed your goals!

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