Salesforce CTI

Salesforce CTI – an underrated integration

What is CTI?

Many people haven’t heard that CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a name for technology that allows interactions on the phone and a computer to be natively integrated and coordinated. The most common use-cases for CTI are within call center or contact centers for Inside Sales, Customer Service, and Help Desk. Here we look at Salesforce CTI and why it matters. But the principals extend beyond Salesforce to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Ticketing Systems like Zendesk, or ServiceNow.

What are the benefits of CTI?

Increase Agent Productivity

When you enable Salesforce CTI, your agents will have instant access to a complete view of your customer via CRM integration. Two main features come to mind.

Salesforce CTI Screen-pop:

When a customer calls in to the support line, then that customers’ record will be automatically presented to your agents. Usually, the unique identifier is a phone number. This saves your agent, and your customer, the frustration of validating who they are and why they are calling.

Automatic call logging:

When your customer service agent dispositions the call, they usually disposition the call on the phone and in the CRM. Salesforce CTI automatically logs that call, notes, and call reason into the appropriate CRM record.

Intelligent Routing

With the power of Salesforce CTI, you can now route calls more intelligently than ever before. Which means you can prioritize and route calls and voicemails to the right agent. And now, inbound callers will have the option to self-serve, utilizing dynamic data right from your CRM.

Sales Campaign Integration

Your sales team can dial efficiently, whether they are dialing from a shared list or from owned accounts. Leveraging the power of your CRM, the dialer will automatically dial for your sales reps. Meaning your sales representatives will deliver a more personalized experience – faster and more effectively.

Consolidated Application Experience

Your agents will no longer need to switch between applications and work within their native SoR or CRM. With Salesforce CTI, they will understand who the customer is and where they are in their service or sales journey. Agents will automatically receive the critical information they need to provide an excellent experience for customers. Your customers and agents will thank you. And that’s why Salesforce CTI matters.

There are countless CTI options, so reach out to get a Free Consultation on which is best for you. Or feel free to check out Best Call Center Software in 2022 – Ranked.

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