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At Tech Stack Advising, our products and software consulting services are designed to cater to your business’ individual requirements. We move beyond consultations to ensure your company’s software and technology needs are met.


Our Services

Our software consulting services are designed to help you drive the best possible outcomes in your software journey.
We have deep technical and business expertise in the following areas.

Contact Center as a Service

SaaS-based telephony applications for customer service and sales teams. This is a highly competitive market making it tough to decide which choice is best for your unique needs. This service supports delivery of holistic customer service and multi-channel customer interaction management, focusing on both customer-experience and employee-experience perspectives.


Our team is full of former Salesforce employees - our deep tribal knowledge and expertise will ensure you’re confident in navigating Salesforce and its ecosystem. Known as the leading Customer Experience Platform on the market today, Salesforce brings companies and customers together with a large suite of products for Sales, Service, Marketing, and everything in between.

Unified Communications as a Service

Connecting internal and external company communication across multiple channels such as voice, personal and team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing. These are your phones, your instant messaging tools, and your virtual meeting solutions.


Create and manage a scalable Procurement process across your entire organization that is correlated to your company goals and objectives. Our model combines technology, staff, and expertise to handle a portion, if not all, of your organization's procurement function. Shorten the purchasing process, reduce software costs, and give your team the freedom to focus on the projects that matter most.

Our Products

Want to share our wholesale rates and consolidate your vendor list? We offer leading solutions that help drive your company forward. We resell and distribute the following solutions to our customers at competitive and transparent prices.

Single Sign On and Access Management

Secure password and login management are critical to all businesses. An identity platform for secure, scalable, and smart experiences that connect people to technology. Users can connect all their applications, identify potential threats, and act quickly.

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain IT insights, seamless data collaboration at scale, and visibility into networks, cloud, applications, services, log data and more within one unified platform. Make sure the parts of your business operating on the cloud perform well.

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