Tech Stack Show: Software and Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

The workforce has undergone massive changes in the past few years. More than ever, there are ongoing debates on how organizations should be implementing flexible, hybrid, and remote work environments. 

There are countless software options available to utilize, including remote productivity monitoring tools and collaboration software. Therefore, it’s not always easy to decide which ones are right to manage your own remote teams. While it’s not be one size fits all, there are key considerations when determining what’s best for your organization. 

In this episode of Tech Stack Show, we are joined by Roy Edwards, CEO and President of Capitol Presence. At Capitol Presence, their mission is to develop remote cloud business solutions to help organizations and agencies of all sizes. With almost a decade of experience, they are masters when it comes to building and managing a hybrid-remote work culture. For example, they help create a secure, productive, work-life balance through harmonized business implementation. 

For contact centers specifically, implementing workforce management software and enabling features such as real-time adherence allows leaders to keep a pulse on their workforce and agent productivity, no matter where their agents are.  

Tech Stack Show – Ep. 1: Software and Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

The conversation in Episode 1 of the Tech Stack Show highlights perspectives on: 

  • Why the traditional office space is the new fax machine
  • Trends that have accelerated due to the global pandemic 
  • Hybrid work best practices
  • Software businesses can implement to ensure productivity
  • How to measure performance of a hybrid workforce

Many, if not all, industries are set for disruption. Are you paying attention? Join the conversation and drop a comment on what you’re doing to adapt.

Let us know what topics you’d love for us to tackle in future conversations on the Tech Stack Show. If you want to speak with our team directly, click here for your free consultation.

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