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Tech Stack Show – Ep. 2: Table Stakes to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Best practices for remote workforces are still being defined. In an employee-centric market, focusing on your culture may be the only way to attract and retain talent.

The lack of in-person connection puts a new focus on how to build a culture that’s still apparent in the day-to-day experience of all employees, no matter where they are located. For IT organizations, employers need to be diligent in creating innovative work environments where employees will thrive.

Culture isn’t an inspirational quote on the wall or weekly happy hours. Culture is what keeps your employees engaged, satisfied, and proud to work for an organization. If you’re not doing anything deemed “cool” or innovative, you’re not standing out. 

In this episode of Tech Stack Show, we are joined by Jason Thomas, Chief Information Officer at Cole, Scott & Kissane, Florida’s largest law firm. As a leader, Jason makes it a priority to attract talent while also recognizing retention often times means fostering growth from within. 

attract and retain top talent

Your employee’s experience can and will have a direct correlation with a customer’s experience. As a company, Cole, Scott & Kissane do not lose sight of the maxim that the firm’s success is tied directly to the success of their clients. 

In this episode of the Tech Stack Show, the conversation highlights perspectives on:

  • Engaging in innovative projects that top talent want to be a part of
  • Setting proper expectations with candidates and employees
  • How employee experience mirrors customer experience 
  • Transparency and clear communication is key 
  • Fostering growth from within 

As the world shifts to remote workplaces, your culture needs to be apparent no matter where your employees do their job. The most important part is to align your company initiatives with your workforce culture and make hiring decisions accordingly.

It’s never too late to define or redefine your culture in order to continue to attract and retain top talent. With the right tech tools, you’re able to collaborate, communicate, and still uphold a culture to be proud of. 

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