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Introduction to Tech Stack Advising

Meet the founder of Tech Stack Advising, Adam Saad, and discover the power of working with a team of experts who can help you get the most out of the software procurement process.

Tech Stack Show: Ep. 1 (Software and Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce)

Join Adam Saad, Founder of Tech Stack Advising as he examines the software solutions behind making hybrid work environments work with Roy Edwards, CEO, and President of Capitol Presence. This is a must-see for any procurement team trying to meet the tech demands of today’s professionals.

Tech Stack Show: Ep. 2 (Table Stakes to Attract and Retain Top Talent)

For IT organizations, employers should be dedicated to creating innovative work environments where employees will thrive. We spoke with Jason Thomas, CIO of Cole, Scott & Kissane to learn how culture is key for attracting and retaining top talent.

Tech Stack Show: Ep. 3 (How to Maximize your Investment in Salesforce)

Earl LaChance Director, Customer Success @Salesforce, lives and breathes customers’ success with Salesforce – from sales, customer service, marketing, and everything in between. This is a can’t-miss episode for achieving harmonization and driving greater business value.

Contact Center Telecom Upgrade Customer Success Story

“We couldn’t have done this evaluation this thoroughly or quickly without Tech Stack’s help”

Telrite Holdings

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