Who is Tech Stack Advising?

About The Founder

After spending almost a decade as a Sales Executive in corporate America, Adam realized that his clients were accelerating their technology spend in a buyer beware market. Yes, there is seemingly unlimited information on the internet about vendors, but there is no telling what vendors will be like until a contract has been signed and your business is committed to that relationship for 12-36 months. Furthermore, Adam realized his clients’ day job was not evaluating software; it is to, either lead the company, grow sales, improve customer service, bring new clients to the business, manage IT, or all the above! So why not focus on your core competency?

Allow us to roll up our sleeves and work with your technology vendors. We have a passion in, and extensive experience, helping various organizations evaluate and choose the right software for their business, at the right price. We look forward to working with you.

Core Values

Trust – We believe that Trust is the foundation of everything we do with our customers, our partners, and everyone in between. Nothing is more important to us than Trust.

Customer Success – We know that if our customers are successful, then we will be successful. Our number one mission is to help you find success.

Integrity – We are honest in how we do business. We do the right thing, always.